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About Hei-Jo Shin

Kyoshi Sensai Paul Newman
5th Dan Jujitsu Black Belt

Sensai Fighting stance_edited_edited_edi
Sensai Ready stance

" I started Martial arts at the age of 8 due to my love of Monkey from the 1978 Tv series (Monkey King: journey to the west), But mainly to counter the constant bullying I faced while growing up.

The first Matial art I studied was judo this was because of the countless times I was grabbed by said bullies. As I got older though I realised that Judo was limited in stopping attacks as unless I was close enough to throw or take the bully down.

So I began to study karate at 14 to combat an attack from a strike, whilst learning to strike for myself where I found a love for different forms of kicks.

The downside to this was when I was 16 when I was attacked by a drunk male carrying a knife, because I was studying karate at the time when the attacker showed the knife I kicked the knife out of his hand and ran for my life, it wasn't until I asked my Sensai what I could have done differently did I realise how bad the situation could have ended if say the blade went a different angle.

Because of this I then began to study Aikido as I realised I needed to study a Martial art that deals with weapons, Over time though I began to miss the striking aspects so I started a full-contact form of karate known as Kyokushin Karate where I realised they didn't strike to the face unless it was a kick.

Because of this, I started to study full-contact kickboxing.

Over the many years of training, I floated from one art to another, trying to find an art which gave a well-rounded syllabus for countering an attack.

these include,

Hong fist Kung fo

Wing Chung




It wasn't until late 1999 that I began to study Traditional Japanese jujitsu, in which I fell in love with the fact that it incorporated everything I was looking for,



Floor Fighting

Locks and holds


Which gave me the ability to defend against a multitude of different attacks, so much so that 22 years later I still continue to study and teach Jujitsu.

However, I have never forgotten the many martial arts I studied and the lessons I learned, which I why I incorporate many of their teachings into my own. "


Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu

Here at Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu we set out to create an enviroment for anyone no matter skills, experience or personal feats, all can become a better version of themselves, whether you want to study a Martial Art for the fitness side, or to learn how to defend yourself and loved ones from an attack, or even just to have something to do on a evening, 

We have students from all walks of life who are all here to better themselves especially due to the struggles we all faced during the last 2 years.

However, what better time to start your journey studying Traditional Jujitsu than now with us at Hei-Jo Shi.

Please contact us for more information.

Self Defence Technique

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