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Classes and timetable

Kids Class

Kids Class

Kids Class is every

Tuesday and Thursday 

6 pm to 7 pm


Kids aged 4 years of age to 15 are welcome to join.

Here we teach children the skills and knowledge they need to defend themselves from bullies whether that's in school or whilst they are out playing. Alongside this we provide a fun and engaging and most importantly a bully-free atmosphere for all children to come and learn, Teaching them Self defence, discipline and respect.

Adults class
Adults class

Adults Class

In Adults class we provide Traditional, Combat and sport Jujitsu, with fitness as a means to stay fit and flexible, we offer this on a weekly basis, starting with ground week, followed by striking week, then throws and takedowns, then 2 weeks of traditional, the first week focusing on locks, holds and chokes and the second being weapons and weapons defence.

These classes take place every

Tuesday and Thursday

7 pm to 9 pm.


Here we provide the skills and knowledge to defend yourself and your family members from an attack from one or more attackers with and without weapons.

Extra Classes

Extra classes to be announced.

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