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Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu

Kids Jujitsu Class Bridgend

About Hei- Jo shin JuJitsu

Hei-Jo Shin - Perfect Balanced Spirit

JuJitsu - Gentle art.

Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu was founded in 2015 by Kyoshi Sensai Paul Newman, setting out to create a Martial arts class that incorporates the knowledge learned from the many lessons he has encountered whilst studying Traditional JuJitsu as well as real-world scenarios he has faced through everyday life. Alongside Traditional Jujitsu, Sensai Paul has added techniques learned from many other martial arts he has studied over 38 years of training.

We conduct stress testing on movements and techniques learned, helping to improve the practitioner's ability to implement techniques more effectively in a self-defence situation. We provide a stress and judge-free environment for all to learn Traditional Jujitsu and self-defence with peace of mind.

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Why Hei-Jo Shin
Traditional Jujitsu

Why Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu

The reason you should Join us at Hei-Jo Shin is that we offer the skills and knowledge learned from countless other martial arts over many years of training and incorporate them into Traditional Jujitsu. Alongside this, we stress test each movement learned as a means to see what works for each individual person, as everyone is different, which means certain moves will work on one person and not the other.

Which makes it very important to test everything we do.

No one who studies at Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu is there to throw their weight around and try to prove themselves, they are here to better themselves and learn, yes as stated we test ourselves but only when we feel comfortable doing so. which provides a safe and worry-free place to study martial arts.

The Aim

The Aim of Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu

The aim of Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu is to provide a safe and neutral place for anyone to study Traditional Jujitsu no matter the height, weight, shape or ethnicity, we are all there because we all want to study a martial art to help better ourselves so that one day we will be able to defend ourselves and family from an attack.

The secondary aim of Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu is fundamentally keeping the history of Traditional Jujitsu alive, because knowing where the art comes from helps to improve where it's going due to the lessons learned on and off the battlefield, and how the art has evolved into what we know today as Traditional Jujitsu.

What We Offer

What We offer at Hei-Jo Shin Jujitsu

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