Kids Classes

The kids Jujitsu classes are a friendly and fun environment to safely learn self defence. In addition it helps built your childs confidence. We have a strict anti bullying policy and emphasise 'stranger danger'. During classes we look at team building as was as improving individual skills, such as self esteem, motor skills and fitness.

Our classes are aimed to get children active to release natural endorphins which will make them happier and more positive.

Coaches trainers are CRB checked

Ages: from 4 - 13

There are two kids classes

17:00-18:00 Kids (beginners)

Best suited for the younger and lower grades.

18:00-19:00 Kids (advanced)

High grades and older more advanced belts. The advanced class is a more serious class.


Children can come to both classes with parents permission.

Cost: £1.50 per class per child.

Insurance: £16 per year (discounts for multiple family members available)


To get the most out of training we encourage

  • Showing respect for your teachers and other students
  • Honour
  • Disipline
  • Dress code
    • Cleanliness
    • Full t-shits with high neck for boys and girls to be worn underneath gi (traditional training uniform)
    • Girls should have a sports bra and hair tied back
    • For your and other children's safety no jewelery, bracelets, rings, ear rings (small studs are acceptable), watches or piercings may be worn during training

For your childs' first lessons a gi isn't required, a t-shirt and track suit bottoms will suffice.

If you're interested in joining us come to one of our classes or phone Paul on 07796774918 for more information