Adult Classes

Our adult jujitsu classes are a fun way to improve your confidence and fitness levels whilst learning a practical skill: self defence. We cover a wide range of techniques and methods and each week we focus on a different aspect of Jujitsu;

  • 1st week: floor fighting,
  • 2nd week: sparring / stand up,
  • 3rd week: throws and grappling,
  • 4th week: traditional,
  • 5th week: weapons.

If you attent classes on a regular basis you will notice a increase in:

  • Self defence knowledge and capabilities
  • Fitness levels
  • Self confidence
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle toning
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Improved flexibilty

We train twice a week, on Tuesday we focus on technique and on Thursday we focus on fitness with a pad based warm up. People of all abilities can join, you train to your own ability and at your own pace and not that of others.

Costs: £3 per lesson

Insurance: £16.50 per year (family discounts for insurance are available)

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays

19:00-21:00 Adults (all)

If you have any questions or would like to join us contact Paul on 07796774918 for more information

"The more you put in, the more you get out of training"